About us

Founded in 2003 as a local community organisation by our now retired founder, Fiona Retalic, Rising Youngstars has always been run entirely by volunteers. With our Executive Officer, Claire Taylor and committee of parents, we provide a platform for local youngsters (5 to 18 years old), to experience taking part in full-scale musical theatre productions.

As well as the thrill of performing onstage, many of our young members also love getting involved offstage, in terms of making costumes, props, scenery, assisting with stage lighting, backstage and generally helping with much of the unseen, but essential work required during the production week.

With an ongoing membership of around 85 local children, we are continually encouraged by the team spirit and learning support that our youngstars show for each other irrespective of age, experience or background.

The group is financed entirely by our own fundraising events held throughout the year, run by the children and their families who are involved in each production.  On occasion we have also been supported by local businesses and Angus Council for which we are extremely grateful. Of course much funding is also generated by our faithful audiences, without whose support we would not still be thriving.

Take a look at some audience feedback from previous shows … we’re confident you’ll be impressed!

Reviews & Comments

We have had lots of feedback and comments from people who have seen various shows. See our What the People Say page to find out more.

Trophy Winners

Each year trophies are awarded to outstanding Rising Youngstars who have been particularly impressive and show great promise in drama and musical theatre. See the list of winners here.

On to bigger things!

Rising Youngstars has been a springboard for some of our past children who have continued to have success furthering their careers on the stage. See who’s done what here.