Meet the Committee

When it comes to Committees, Rising Youngstars hit the jackpot. With a vast array of knowledge and experience, each member contributes towards the success of our group and the opportunities that are available to our children and young people.

Running such a group takes a lot of work , especially behind the scenes, which can often go unnoticed. Hours and hours of volunteering is given to put on a successful show. We are very grateful to everyone who gives up their time.

Lets meet the committee of 2024


Claire Taylor – Executive Officer and Producer

I first encountered RY’s back in 2020 when my 3 children attended auditions for Legally Blonde. From the very first time at a rehearsal I knew that this group was special. Within minutes, each committee member and adult helper were addressing my children by their name (this may sound like a small thing but there were over 100 people in that hall). All 3 of them came away from the workshop full of life, confident about retuning and more importantly with lovely stories about the Chairperson and Founder Fiona and the other adults. Skip forward a few weeks and for the first time ever, I joined a committee!

Fiona’s passion for encouraging young people to believe in themselves was clear to see. Her ability to make each child feel seen, to feel heard and to feel valued was remarkable. I watched in awe as the quietest child flourished to become a confident performer.

Having somewhere that my children could be themselves, form friendships, have fun and develop socially and emotionally is all I wanted as a parent.

When Fiona mentioned retiring after running the group for 20 years, I knew that I wanted to carry on her hard work. It was an honour to be asked to take over Rising Youngstars. Continuing her aims and ethos for the group will always be at the forefront of any decisions.

It has been a privilege to get to know the young members of RY’s over the last 4 years and I am looking forward to meeting all of our new members and their families.


Jacqui McAllan – Treasurer

Lynne McIntosh – Secretary

Emma Kidd – Child Protection Officer

Karen Summers – Funding Officer

Emma Hutcheon – Front of House Manger and RY’s Clothing Secretary

Julie Adamson – Committee Member & Front of House Manager

Jenna Dye – Committee Member & Artist

Leanne Prophet – Committee Member & Stage Crew

Jim Taylor – Committee member & Stage Manager

Stewart Rooney – Committee Member & Musical Director

Laura Fyles – Committee Member & Costume Secretary